Afghanistan Transit Trade-ATT

Opening trade routes

PIL is at the forefront of facilitating trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan, and in collaboration with leading shipping line of the world PIL is exploring new opportunities for economic growth and enhancing regional connectivity.

Overcoming challenges

PIL understands the unique challenges of cross-border trade and is committed to providing innovative solutions to importers, exporters, freight forwarders and other stake holders in streamlining the transit process, ensuring smooth and efficient movement of goods

Torkham Border Crossing

Situated in the Khyber Pass, the primary Torkham border crossing connects Pakistan’s Peshawar city to Afghanistan’s Jalalabad (in 7 days) and Kabul (in 9 days). It serves as a vital route for road transportation of goods between the two countries.

Chaman Border Crossing

Located in the Balochistan province, the Chaman border crossing links Pakistan’s Quetta city to Afghanistan’s Kandahar (in 5 days). This border crossing plays a crucial role in facilitating road transport of goods, offering an important trade route for businesses.
At PIL, we are dedicated to providing efficient, reliable, and secure transportation solutions for cargo destined for Afghanistan.